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Iran Tourist Attraction Points

Tourism has become the world’s largest export industry, generating huge employment opportunity in the remote and backward areas. It is estimated that tourism for 13% of the total world exports and 8.2 % of the global employment. By looking at…


Iranian Muslims as Hosts and Guests

Islamic Tourism: Iranian Muslims as Hosts and Guests The aforementioned conditions and obligations about religious observances both in everyday affairs and when overseas can pose dilemmas for Muslim visitors and destination hosts. Islam is all pervasive in societies where religion…


State of Tourism in Iran

Realizing the importance of tourism in Iran, from a multi-dimensional perspective, more particularly as an option for the development of the national economy by way of earning foreign exchange, creating of job opportunities and the like, the national government has…


Iranian Architecture in the Pre-Islamic Period

Examples of prehistoric and pre-Islamic architecture are found in ancient huts, remnants of old towns and villages, fortresses, temples and fi re temples, mausoleums and palaces, dams and bridges, bazaars, highways and roads, towers and outposts, garden pavilions, and monuments.…


Badgir (Wind-Catcher) in Traditional Iranian Architecture

Badgir (Wind-Catcher) Environmental and natural phenomena play a very significant role in laying the region’s interrelated cultural, economic and social infrastructures. The buildings in the Iranian desert regions are constructed according to the specific climatic conditions and differ with those…


Qanats in Iran

About Qanats For rational management of groundwater a holistic approach, linked to the sustainable management of the ecosystem must be developed. It is demonstrated that ancient methods of groundwater management, such as the Qanats system, could provide a good example…

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