Why Exploring Iran?

Exploring Iran is really worth for those who are interested in historic sites. It is so diverse in many aspects that almost anybody will love traveling to here. History lovers will find it hard to get enough of Iran, Architecture lovers will have a hard time choosing which cities to visit, nature lovers can enjoy the snow in one day and the sunbathe the next day and cultural lovers surely come back again and again.
Iran’s image from abroad is quite different to what is really felt in Iran. It is very safe and in complete peace. Many tourists are surprised to find Iran in such tranquility. Many tourists especially their families back home have doubts before traveling to Iran but after their trip they are very glad they came. Tourist are highly respected and taken care of in Iran. Many tourists are also surprised with the number of people who can speak very good English.
It has preserved its cultural routes and yet integrated them with modern aspects in big cities. If you’re a fan of a completely traditional or even rural life style, you can try our nomad tour that allows you to live the life of Iranian nomad for several days. If you prefer fully equipped hotels for your stay, Iran also offers that. So don’t worry about your accommodations.

IRAN, a plateau with numerous large depressions, is cradled between two mountain ranges sweeping majestically from the knotted heights of Armenia north of the Fertile Crescent. One wing, a lofty ridge known as the Elburz, advances eastward along the south of the Caspian, where it reaches its climax in the towering peak of the Demavend. Continuing eastward, it dwindles away in the steppes of Khurasan, where it meets the line of the Hindu Kush coming from the opposite direction, from the Pamirs, the “roof of the world.” The second wing, called the Zagros ranges, curves gently southeastward, then still more south. In numerous parallel folds it skirts the eastern edge of fertile Babylonia, forms a glittering and almost impassable barrier on the eastern shore of the Persian Gulf, and, after advancing over the desolate regions along the Indian Ocean, turns sharply northward through Baluchistan and Afghanistan to join other mountains spreading, like the Hindu Kush, fanlike from the Pamirs.


Essential advice prior to Travel

The first most important factor concerning Iran travel is Iran visa. The second very important issue is money issues. Another fact about Iran that you may have noticed by now is that, you cannot book hotels or transportation tickets from outside Iran. Iran traveling center and other agencies can do your reservation prior to your trip, which we strongly recommend if you’re planning to visit through high seasons. Another issue that is important is hijab for woman and the dress code for men.