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Torghabe, a summer resort near Mashhad, Iran, is 18 km away from Vakil Abad and located between two beautiful valleys. It is an outstanding village with striking natural scenery near the Binalud mountain ranges. Being close to the Binalud has made it pleasantly cool in the summer and cold in the winter. There are numerous gardens and orchards in the village with a nice river flowing through them.

Torghabe does not sleep and has great nightlife which is mostly because of a large number of tourists who choose to spend their time in the village.

Visitors can find various kinds of souvenirs in Torghabeh, including carpets, wooden baskets and carvings as well as other handicrafts.  There are also lines of ice-cream parlors, coffee shops and traditional restaurants all warmly welcoming the visitors. Traditional dishes in Torghabe are Dizi, Shishlik (grilled lamb and T-bone with rice), Ghorme, Fesenjan, chicken kebab and some other traditional Iranian dishes.  Considering the level of hospitality and authenticity, along with the traditional layout of the area, tourists can have a great touch of Persian lifestyle in Torghabeh.

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