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Iran Tourist Attraction Points

Tourism has become the world’s largest export industry, generating huge employment opportunity in the remote and backward areas. It is estimated that tourism for 13% of the total world exports and 8.2 % of the global employment. By looking at…

Iran Geography

What is the geography of Iran? Before talking about Iran Geography, it is obvious that geography has a significant impact…


Iran Geography and Population of Iran

Iran Geography and Population of Iran Iran Geography The Islamic Republic of Iran covers a total area of about 1.65 million km² and is bordered by Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Caspian Sea and Turkmenistan to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to…


Iran Provinces

Province Capital Area Population Density Notes (population/km²) Alborz Karaj 5,833 km2(2,252 sq mi) 2,412,513 413.6 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,071/sq mi) Until 23 June 2010, Alborz was part of Tehran province. Ardabil Ardabil 17,800 km2(6,900 sq mi) 1,248,488 70.1 inhabitants…



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