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Biodiversity Museum of Iran, located in Tehran’s Pardisan Park, was inaugurated in 2004. The museum was established with focus on importance of biodiversity and in line with the legal obligations of the Department of the Environment (DOE). It seeks to play an effective role in promoting research, disseminating news and familiarizing various age groups with biodiversity. Schoolchildren, accompanied by their teachers, regularly visit the museum. The museum has 4,000 herbaria and 3,000 biological specimens, in addition to 20,000 invertebrates, 10,000 vertebrates and 7,000 fossils. It also displays 1,800 wildlife species from Iran and other nations. It has various sections, including scenes from nature of Iran and its Persian Gulf coastlines, fossils of Maragheh’s vertebrates as well as wildlife species of Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas, Oceania and South Pole.

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